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About Us

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Company Culture(图1)
  • Company Vision

    Create high-quality 3AAA products and cast first-class Hengyao quality.

  • Quality policy

    Quality first, customer first; continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence.

  • Quality goal

    Product inspection batch pass rate ≥ 98%

    Product delivery time rate ≥ 98%

Entrepreneurial spirit: responsibility, gratitude, cooperation, and win-win

Company motto: possess knowledge, dedication and wisdom; diligence and hard work, leaving sweat; heart with constant glory, realize value.

Value: The value provided by the supplier, the value created by the employee, the value realized by the customer, and the value of the shareholder feedback

Talents: Excellent employees lead the company, qualified employees follow the company, and unqualified employees are taken away by the company

Quality policy: Hengtong Sihai relies on quality, Yaorong Wuzhou relies on integrity; lighting human brand, electronic technology is always innovative.

Product quality concept: temper, peace of mind, rest assured

Company Culture(图2)

Management orientation: the idea of no action is equal to 0, the work without supervision is equal to 0, and the system without execution is equal to 0.

Work style: report work results, please explain the work plan, summarize the work process, recall the work, feel the feeling

Code of Conduct: Doing things well, not doing things

Employee quality: loyal to the company, loyal to the profession, loyal to personality

Professional ethics: dedication, professionalism, professionalism, hard work

Block motto: Shen Duo, Xi Yin

Company Culture(图3)